Love Freed Me is the candid, heart wrenching story of a girl child; born to a teen rape victim, fathered by her grandmother’s boyfriend; then handed off to the Catholic Charities only to be adopted and abused physically, sexually, emotionally and psychologically at the hand s of her adopted father, who used his parental authority to violate the child he had sworn before the magistrate to treat as his own. This could be the back story of thousands of children around the world, but in Love Freed Me, it is the childhood innocence of Jannise Jackson, shattered by abandonment, betrayal and abuse.

What Jannise, the child, didn’t know , Jannise the woman, has come to understand  through the love of God, that, “The righteous cry and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. And what is more righteous in the ears of God than the inchoate whimpering of an innocent child who yearns the love and approbation of a father? Love Freed Me follows the journey of the love of the Father who broke the chains and freed the heart to forgive, love and heal.

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